What is Acceptance?

Payment acceptance is the process of receiving payments from your customers through a payment channel. Payment behavior and method preference varies between consumer types. Each payment method serves a different kind of consumer and can be categorized into digital and non-digital transactions.

Accept Payment Methods

Online Cards

Secure international card acceptance through the the world’s most common card types: Mastercard and Visa.

Mobile Wallets

Enabling mobile wallet payments for online and e-commerce purchases.

Cash Collection

One-step integration to Accept’s courier network, where on-door payments are supported.


Get paid at an instance, while consumers get to pay for your products in instalments through ValU and National Bank of Egypt (NBE)

Accept Kiosk

Link your website to some of the nation’s most prominent e-payments networks: Aman and Masary and allow customers to pay you in kiosks and outlets all over the country.


Accept loyalty points as a payment method and increase the likelihood of turning prospects into existing customers.